Art of Rendering - ( Continuum )

Continuum , built from ground-up using OpenGL-ES, is our current rendering engine in development specially optimized to achieve the best performance on handheld devices.

We specialize in building 3D rendering and physics engines for mobile devices including iOS and Android. Our mission is to port mods of several PC titles on mobile platforms and deliver a unique and highly engaging gaming experience, while keeping the graphics quality to a high level.

Currently we have a working demo for Continuum, for all Android 2.2+ and higher devices. Successfullly tested on devices with following GPUs:

  1. PowerVR SGX 530/540
  2. Qualcomm's Adreno 200, 205
  3. ARM's Mali-4000MP
  4. NVIDIA's ULP GeForce

This covers most of the android devices (low powered as well as high powered), including tablets as well. For the futute updates we are porting this to iOS platforms as soon as possible.

Maps & Level Rendering

At the present Continuum supports rendering of static scene geometry from Quake-3 based .bsp files. This means that all levels that will be designed using GTKRadiant, can be supported by our rendering engine. Some of the snapshots from different levels in first-person mode are shown below. The snapshots are taken from an Android device running Continuum:



Animations & 3D Models

The engine is able to load models from various different formats including Half-life .mdl, Quake's MD3 and MS3D based models. These models support the skeletal animations which will be used in all our animations...



For more information or a demo of Continuum, see our Quake-3 app. on the Google Play store.